Rivers Primary Academy, Livingstone Road, Blakenall, Walsall, WS3 1LY
Part of Windsor Academy Trust
rivers primary academy curriculum


Our curriculum has been developed to achieve the following aims:

  • To ensure that all pupils reach their academic and personal potential.
  • To ensure that our children are confident and successful readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists.
  • To provide opportunities for our children to be independent, imaginative, motivated, resilient and active in their learning across all subject areas.
  • To ensure our ASPIRE attributes are embedded in all subject areas.

We are very proud of the rich and varied curriculum that we provide. Our ASPIRE curriculum, developed in partnership with other schools in Windsor Academy Trust, strives to create engaging experiences for all children across the school. Our curriculum is continuously improved and developed and incorporates the sharing of ideas and best practice across all schools in the Trust.

Each year group produces a termly overview. The learning opportunities identified in the overview serve to strengthen the knowledge and understanding both within a subject area and between subjects, providing opportunities for the application of skills across the subject areas. 

For all themes, we have identified a subject that is the main focus within the theme but we also look to incorporate cross-curricular links with other subjects. For example, ‘A Journey Through Time’ in autumn term will be primarily driven by the history objectives for each year group, but the children will also be given opportunities to develop their geography, art and music skills within the context of the time period that they are studying.

Certain curriculum areas will be taught discretely. This includes science, RE, French and PSHE. British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural opportunities underpin our ASPIRE curriculum values and we focus on these as part of our collective worship. Our ongoing commitment to safeguarding is also reflected in the curriculum.

The member of staff responsible for the curriculum is Mrs C Dawes.