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Pupil Premium and Sports Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2021

Review of 2019-2020 Pupil Premium impact

Quality teaching for all

Desired outcome Action Impact Lessons learned Cost

Increased attainment and progress for all children.

Continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils across the school.

  • Continued high quality CPD for all staff Teaching and learning lead.
  • Additional staff (Intervention teacher and additional TA in EYFS.
  • Trust wide tracking system to be able to track progress and attainment Whole school approach to times tables.
  • There is no statutory data available for 2019/-2020 due to Covid-19.
  • Increases evident in the quality of teaching and learning - see teacher tracker.
  • Part time intervention teacher left Dec ‘19 and a full time teacher was appointed.
  • Additional TA in EYFS to focus on speech and language across EYFS. Internal data pre lockdown was input into the system. It still had a positive impact even in the absence of national data.
  • TTRS has begun to have an impact on times tables across the school.

 Staff continue to experience a very wide range of CPD. At school level but also at a wider Trust level. This continued during lockdown where staff had access to remote training. This will continue next year.


The additional TA in EYFS continued to have a positive impact, even during lockdown by engaging with key children and families and sharing key target areas for children to focus. Interventions such as Talk boost will continue next year as will this model. The pt time intervention teacher was replaced for the rest of the academic year by a full time teacher who supported in year 6 and shared the class whilst the teacher took on additional maternity cover leadership responsibilities. Interventions took place until lockdown.

Insight tracking programme has proved very useful and staff have more ownership of their own data. This will continue next year. Tapestry use across EYFS has had a positive impact. Both will continue next year. A more structured and consistent approach will be adopted for the next academic year.

Total £68,043

  • Part of T&L lead salary £4,249
  • PT intervention teacher £32,262 left in December
  • Appointed FT teacher (additional cost of £9,523)
  • Additional TA EYFS 21,170
  • Insight – KS1 & 2 £500, Tapestry – EYFS £224
  • Times table rock stars £115 per year

Targeted support

Desired outcome Action Impact Lessons learned Cost

Targeted support/interventions improve outcomes for pupils and meet their individual needs.

All children will make at least expected progress from their starting points.

  • Use of targeted support /interventions.
  • Increase attendance and raise the profile of this across the school.
  • Interventions for English and maths.

There is no statutory data available for 2019-2020 due to Covid-19.

Attendance data:

  • 2017-2018 93.3% DA 93.08%
  • 2018-2019 94.1% DA 94.02%
  • *2019-2020 94.2% DA 94.03%

*Pre-lockdown data

The resources purchased were well used and additional ones were purchased to support.

Having an additional TA in EYFS focusing on communication and language has proved very successful and this will continue next year.

Attendance has improved year on year, however, there is still more to be done. We will continue with it being a school priority (see SIP F1) We have refined our approach and our SLA with Walsall LA to be more focused on our current needs. DHT has taken oversight of this and established a new attendance team.

The maths and English interventions will continue next year, as well as Easter school. The resources will also continue to be purchased as well as the additional home resources.

 Total £49,687

  • Attendance officer £17,738
  • Attendance officer changed role to pastoral support assistant to strengthen the pastoral team and this contributed to her salary
  • SLA with Walsall council to provide support and advice £4,800
  • Breakfast club staffing £25,649
  • Year 6 booster classes and Easter school £700 - Easter school didn't operate due to lockdown and the additional funding was used on resources for home learning and WiFi for some families
  • Resources - CGP books £800

Other approaches

Desired outcome Action Impact Lessons learned Cost

The safeguarding and welfare needs of PP children are met and improve outcomes.

All Pupil Premium children can fully access, gain experiences and make progress across the curriculum.

  • Continue with a strong pastoral team
  • Use of Votes for Schools System £500
  • Student rewards (including attendance) £5,000
  • Home learning support workshops
  • Subsiding trips and Y6 residential £10,000
  • Increase the provision and progress of SEND children
  • Saturday school
  • Healthy snack at breaktime for all children in the school
  • Ensure that children are ready for school

A strong pastoral team has been created with a pastoral lead. Their work is vital across our school and ensures that children and families, particularly our most vulnerable, are fully supported. School-led Early Help is strong. Internal and external audits show that there is a strong culture of safeguarding.

Unfortunately, due to the building move and lockdown, Saturday school didn’t happen this academic year. The funding was used towards books for the new library.

Breakfast club is popular and well attended. There is no charge to parents/carers for this. This ensures that children receive a healthy breakfast and a smooth start to the day. As well as being open to everyone, key children are targeted to attend.

The Pastoral team continues to be strong. Feedback on student rewards has been positive. The impact of these can be seen in the data and will continue next year.

Votes for school continues to be popular and powerful amongst the children. This continued throughout lockdown.

Unfortunately, not all SEND training was able to take place. Further SEND training will continue next year. We spent the additional £100 on Lexia programme for SEND children.

Most classes went on an off-site educational visit before lockdown and the school subsidised a large part of this for every child to be able to access it. For some families, school funded all of it. Unfortunately, the year 6 residential didn’t go ahead due to COVID. Additional funds were used to support some families in accessing online learning and ensure that they had books, stationery etc to access home learning.

Total £122,105

  • Pastoral lead for the team - increase hours £24,088
  • Safeguarding Service Level Agreement £300
  • Learning mentor £22,612
  • Safeguarding officer £14,909
  • CPOMS £1,000
  • Online PSHE resource £120
  • SEND Training and resources £900 - Lexia £3,869
  • Votes for school £500 
  • Kitchen staff for toast £2,407
  • Cost of toast for break £2,900 reduction due to time in school.
  • Student rewards £5,000
  • Trips subsidy £10,000
  • Part of SENCO salary £30,000
  • Additional equipment £500
  • Saturday school £2,000 and additional £1,000 - Library books instead

Review of 2019-2020 Sport Premium Impact

Key achievements to date

Achievements Areas for further improvement

Greater extra-curricular sporting opportunities for all pupils.

Enhance the playtime experience by making playtimes and lunchtimes
more active.

Support the successful participation of sports in the Trust.

Daily mile began.

Visit by local famous sports woman.

Further involvement of role models - Olympians/Paralympians.

CPL for staff.

Increase opportunities for competitions for all abilities.

Improve the PE equipment that the pupils have access to in order to improve specific skills in a range of sporting areas.

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety 

Requirement Percentage of pupils
What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a
a distance of at least 25 metres?
What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively (for example, front
crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)?
What percentage of your current Year 6 cohort perform safe self-rescue in different water-based
Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for
swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have you
used it in this way?

Action 1 - The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

£6,300 of the total £18,330 allocated.

Focus Actions Funding allocated Impact Sustainability and next steps

Class teachers to deliver daily active challenges with their class.


WAT Primary Specialist to produce a list of ideas for staff and help implement with their class. This will include current magic mile but adding in other physical activities. Children to help to track physical activity in their class. Some equipment required. £100

A list of shared drive activities/ games set up for staff.KS1 staff, in particular, have noted the enjoyment of children and how children are more settled.

All pupils to take part in physical activity every day. Pupils will be more ready to learn in lesson time when
being physically active.

Pupils will be more motivated with
activities to change daily and to include more outdoor activities.

Class equipment boxes to be put in place for ease of teacher equipment.

All Classes receive 2 hours of timetabled
PE lessons in curriculum time by WAT PE Specialist, class teacher and Walsall
FC community coaches.

Timetables put together to ensure a balance across the school. £5,100 Walsall FC

Children to receive high quality PE lessons

Use student and staff voice to continue to improve PE provision. Class teachers have observed and supported in some PE lessons so will be more confident when they are teaching their own PE lessons.

Active lunchtimes developed - pupil led.

WAT Primary Specialists to work to develop areas of the playground for games and challenges every day. Focus on personal challenge. These will be organised by young leaders with support from dinner supervisors. Some equipment required. £100

More pupils physically active during the school day. Pupils to challenge themselves to beat their personal best to teach important life skills. Help reduce behaviour issues at lunch

Focus on providing separate areas on playground e.g. team games area, net/wall, SAQ , skipping. Rota of activities for children to ensure all involved. Look into Designated dinner time play leaders. More effective tracking of pupil participation at lunch

Extracurricular lunchtime and after school clubs

A timetable of clubs put together to ensure all year groups have a club that they can take part in. External providers used to increase offer £1,000

3 afterschool clubs provided per week (Y1/2 Multi-skills, Y3/4 football, Y5/6 football)- involved 77 different children. Girls football club at one dinner time - 18 pupils.

Focus on providing much greater provision of after school clubs aiming for 2 sports clubs every day Pupil voice used to help decision making which will ensure high attendances at clubs. More PE capacity needed through staffing, external companies or sports clubs to provide this offer.

Action 2 - The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

£1,100 of the total £18,330 allocated.

Focus Actions Allocated Funding Impact Sustainability and next steps
School games values and PE & School Sport news imbedded across PE curriculum, display board, newsletter and assemblies. WAT Primary Specialist to lead on this with the help of pupil led School Games Crew. None Children will understand that PE & school sport is an important part of their school life so will be motivated to get more involved. Regular updates in the newsletter resulted in children involved very proud. School games Value assembly deliveredwhich led to children talking more about values needed in sport Greater promotion of sporting achievements in assemblies to promote participation and feel good factor. School Twitter account is now active so will be used further.
School Games leadership crew formed at the school to make decisions on physical activity, Physical Education and School Sport. Application process put in place with regularly tasks given to the crew. Leadership kit purchased. £100 Pupil voice will make an impact on the decision making for PE and School sport. Important leadership decisions given to the crew for sporting events. Children will be given projects to support in such as making decisions on lunchtime provision and new equipment.
Leadership opportunities given to children to help and officiate in school sport events. n to help and officiate in school sport events WAT Primary Specialist to lead on this with the help of pupil led School Games Crew. Application process put in place with regularly tasks given to the crew. Leadership kit purchased Training to be given before events to ensure all pupils feel confident and are effective in their roles. See above Through leadership opportunities pupils will develop their communication skills and will also feel more confident about themselves. Provide small scale events for children to assist with through year eg house competition.
Major Sporting Events visited during the school year. Link to WAT pledge WAT primary specialist to liaise with relevant organisations/ opportunities and seek pupil voice. Transport costs - See Pupil Premium Y5 pupils spectated at the All England International Badminton Championships. Children are inspired by attending these events which will help them feel more positively about school sport. Ensure all opportunities are taken for pupils to experience attending world class events.
Premier League Stars lessons delivered to classes on topics such as teamwork, resilience, nutrition to engage children on these topics WAT primary specialist to involve these sessions during PE lessons. See cost of WFC in the previous section Walsall FC delivered half term of Premier League Stars lessons to Y4. Pupils have a greater understanding of these important life skills which will allow them to make more informed decisions. Provide all class teachers with information on Premier League Stars so teachers can deliver aspects to support some topics in PSHE. Deliver assembly on topics.
Improve the PE equipment that the pupils have access to in order to improve specific skills in a range of sporting areas. Audit current equipment. Using curriculum and planned clubs create a list of what is needed. Purchase new resources £1,000 Improved resources for the school. More equipment for current and present use. Student voice used to support the purchase of new equipment.

Action 3 - Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

£10,280 of the total £18,330 allocated. 

Focus Actions Allocated funding Impact Sustainability and next steps
New Get Set 4 PE Scheme of Work and curriculum development purchased with real emphasis on the support on offer for class teacher. All staff provided with new curriculum maps, PE overviews and logins for the scheme of work. With support given by WAT PE Specialist. Cost of a scheme funded centrally by WAT Staff are delivering PE lessons using the scheme of work. This is allowing staff to deliver progressive lessons. Ensure implementation of the curriculum is of consistently high quality.
Subject leader support for WAT PE Specialist Contact made with experienced PE subject leader. Work in the local cluster PE specialist worked with SLE in PE, DOP and other PE specialists to develop knowledge in context. WAT PE Specialist will have knowledge of up to date information which will allow to make a greater impact across the subject area. Links are now made with specialists that can continue to be used to improve practice
Specialist PE Teacher WAT delivering lessons for the majority of classes in KS2. In some lessons class teacher present-allowing staff to develop their confidence and content knowledge Timetables put together to ensure a balance across the school.

Part of JP salary - £9,780

Staff teachers have developed their content knowledge and confidence in teaching PE. Class teachers involved have the skills required to deliver high quality PE.Ensure capacity for PE specialist to support more class teachers.
CPD opportunities for staff - eg conferences WAT PE Specialist to research opportunities and pass on relevant information. £500 PE Specialist delivered whole school CPD to all staff on benefits of high quality PE and Physical Activity throughout the school day. PE specialist had the opportunity to attend Youth Sport Trust Conference and West Midlands PE Conference. New ideas gained and inspiration for practice All staff to improve their PE practice through engagement in CPD.

Action 4 - Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

£250 of the total £18,330 allocated.

 Focus Actions Allocated funding Impact Sustainability and next steps
New PE curriculum embedded within the school providing a range of different sports and physical activities following the Shelfield School Sport Partnership. WAT PE Specialist liaising with local School Games Organiser and working to ensure school takes all opportunities possible. See above Pupils are improving skill levels through exposure to different activities. A range of competitive opportunities given in new sports Continue to follow School Games Events through school which will give children a range of sports.
Competitive sports and extracurricular program within school providing a sport every child can enjoy. New sports and physical activities added within the school for example handball, tennis and yoga. WAT PE Specialist to organise activities in a range of sports and activities using pupil voice. £250 All pupils to find a sport or physical activity which they enjoy. Increase the number of community club links. Ideas for next year table tennis and tchoukball. Increased after school staff capacity needed for a full extracurricular program of range of sports. Increase level 1 competition through house matches.

Action 5 - Increased participation in competitive sport

£400 of the total £18,330 allocated.

 Focus Action Allocated funding Impact Sustainability and next steps
All opportunities taken to be involved in competitive sport for all abilities across the local area eg A, B, C, SEND, girls in a range of sports. Every opportunity taken by WAT PE Specialist in every sport and physical activity to give the children a chance to have fun, improve their skills and to be competitive. Aim for school to take part in at least 15 different sports and over 40 fixtures/events See Pupil Premium plan 20 fixtures/ events attended with 67 different children representing the school in 9 different sports-football, netball, indoor athletics, table tennis, badminton, dodgeball, hockey, robin hood, basketball. This included SEND Football and Change 4 Life Dodgeball. Pupils have increased their participation in these events with every opportunity sought to get involved. All opportunities continued to be taken for all abilities and sports. In addition, a Gifted and Talented PE group formed across WAT to identify and support potential. This will ensure pupils will have a greater chance of success at these events. More opportunities for younger year groups Year 1- Year 4.

Sport Premium Strategy 2020-2021